Theatrical Licensing

Nandar Pictures Introduces:

Box Office Gems Theatrical Licensing Program

Our customers routinely exhibit films with compelling stories, theater-quality sound and great cinematography. We offer fresh content – branded as Box Office Gems – for theaters, churches, education, institutions, clubs and organizations. Our customers exhibit new films, nationwide, at a reasonable fee.

Nandar Pictures breaks the theatrical content licensing mold with straightforward, 24-hour access to films outside of big Hollywood studio networks. We created a simple program. It’s a Win-Win-Win situation for everyone involved!


Affordable Films ======> Modest Commissions  =======> Profits to Filmmakers

Theater Owners WIN! We make it easy to license a new film! We have all genres. Exhibit it for up to 30 days – on a single screen as many/few times as desired — and keep 100% of the ticket sales. We quickly turn around your order, sending a high-quality DVD, Blue Ray or HD Digital file, plus we include a link where poster artwork, reviews and one sheet can be downloaded.

Independent Filmmakers WIN! A theatrical release for a film title helps our filmmakers with exposure and revenues. Most indie filmmakers never make enough to pay back investors. Box Office Gems changes the game for them by promoting them to exhibitors and keeping our fees low.

Box Office Gems WINS! We (Nandar Pictures Theatrical Licensing Department) provides  fresh, affordable content to exhibitors. We take a modest commission and pass the rest of the licensing fee to the actual filmmakers.

Get Started!

  • We make it extremely easy to select a title, view a screener and license the film for a single screen in your venue. It’s all done online, available 24-7 and fees are clearly listed in our catalog.
  • Watch an online screener before you buy, to make sure the film is a good fit for your audience and market.
  • This is an amazing deal as our licensing fees are affordable and run for 30 consecutive days of exhibition on a single screen.
  • Exhibitors (Theater owners, churches, clubs, educational facilities and organizations) keep 100% of ticket sales.

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