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One Remains

When a group of filmmakers treks deep into the woods to investigate a missing person case, they inadvertently start a chain of events that lead to horrific consequences.


Seeking to document the accounts of an ailing eyewitness, a group of young filmmakers travel to a remote cabin where they quickly realize nothing is as it seems. Horrifying realizations lead to a race to discover the truth behind these mysterious and gruesome deaths. As the facts become more and more evasive and the body count begins to rise we are left wondering: Will anyone survive long enough to discover the truth? As the list of possible survivors begins to dwindle, this cast of fresh-faced, up-and-comers, find themselves caught in the ultimate moral dilemma; save yourself or save your friends? Christopher Atkins and Ryan O’Quinn both deliver powerhouse performances that will leave you speechless. Will the group survive? Who will be sacrificed? Who will be the one that remains?

"Only one can live to tell the story"

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